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This will be a Hoot – the little town on the river!

Surprise New Single – Dig Boys

Surprise New Single – Dallas Bethany

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SF on Patreon

We’ve opened up a Patreon page – opening up the opportunity for you to help us to continue to create music and get an inside look at our process.  The pandemic and inability to play live shows made me realize that to sustain this parade we need some new strategies.  Head over to check out our first post which gets you behind the scenes in the studio with the full band while we record a new SF song. Really excited to offer up our Patreon page.  Check it out!


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New Lyric Video!

MORE OF THE SAME: Live In Studio

SF Recording Direct to Vinyl at Brooklyn Studio in Jan. 2021

The band is taking orders now for personalized recordings…pick your song and we record a one-of-a-kind unique recording directly to clear 7″ vinyl via a 50s era lathe cut machine. You know something similar to what Neil Young and Jack White have done. Your record will be the only extant version of this performance. We let you pick any song in our catalog. Follow the link to learn more and to place your order.

THIS GIRL: Live In Studio

A Fool’s Errand

“The first thing you should know about The Successful Failures is that any attempt to plug them into one genre or another is very much a fool’s errand. Hailing from Trenton, N.J., the band deftly combines Americana, Pop, Rock, and enough of a dusting of Bluegrass that serves as an appetizer to the main course without overwhelming the entire meal.” - July 2020, Rock is the New Roll

New Lyric Video for “This Girl”