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When Did Everybody Grow Up?

Misguiding Light!

Sam Houston (live in-studio)

All Success, No Failure

One of our favorite alt-country magazines, NO DEPRESSION, decided to write some nice things about the new album.  Check it out here.

SF – Album of the Week

Makin Waves’ Record of the Week: The Successful Failures’ ‘Ichor of Nettle’

“The Successful Failures: New Release Proves They Never Fail”

Nice article on the history of the band and the new album on 50thirdand3rd, a really cool blog “written by music junkies for music junkies”.  Thanks to writer Joey Camp for the kind words!

Pre-order the new album and get immediate download of track 10. Check it out yo.

Ichor of Nettle – 10/20/17!!!

Friday 10/20/17

Interview with Mick Chorba on Pop Dose

Thanks to Dw. Dunphy for this interview/article on the band and the upcoming album.  Check it out here.